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Good deals, better performance
IS your computer so slow to start up that you go and fetch a coffee while you’re waiting? Or does it run at a crawling pace during the busiest parts of the day?

Let's face it - there's nothing more frustrating than a slow computer! If this is happening to you, it might be time to invest in new computers.
Here are five reasons to update your business hardware - especially with the end of the financial year approaching.
1. You get the latest operating systems
With a brand-new computer comes the latest in Windows which offers new features and capabilities.
If you are still running Windows 7 you really need to get on to Windows 10 now. Windows 7 did a great job for several years, but with the new apps on the market it is now outgrowing its usefulness.
Here are some reasons to switch to Windows 10:
• It works well with most apps on the market today.
• It’s a natural progression from Windows 7, making it easy to learn.
• Windows 7 software support is being phased out and will be gone by January 2020.
• Windows 10 offers extra functionality and security compared to Windows 7.
Your staff members are probably already using Windows 10 on their systems at home (and maybe quietly wondering why they aren’t at work!)
2. Faster start up and performance with SSD
We’ve had spinning hard-drive technology with us for many decades, but it’s now largely being replaced by solid state drives (SSDs) that store data in interconnected chips.
We recommend SSDs for today’s systems, here’s why:
• They do what hard drives have always done, except they do it about 10 times faster.
• They offer greater durability due to their lack of moving parts.
• Data fragmentation is reduced with SSDs.
• They provide better performance all round – which means you won’t have to visit the local café while you’re waiting for your computer to boot up.
While SSDs might have been more expensive than traditional drives in the past, they now only cost about an extra $50 – a small price to pay for improved speeds and performance.
3. Current warranties and support
Keeping up with your work tasks and responsibilities is a big ask, and you want systems that are up to the job and make everyday processes faster and more efficient.
If you’re using old computers, it’s likely the hardware warranties ended a while ago. And as mentioned, Windows 7 support is phasing out.
Investing in new systems not only gives you the latest in hardware and software but means you will be covered by warranties and support – offering an extra layer of security for your business.
4. Tax write-offs are expanding
Small businesses (those with less than $10m in turnover) can now instantly write-off assets costing up to $30,000, rather than $20,000 as before. This enables businesses to claim immediate deductions.
The program now includes larger businesses as well. Businesses with a turnover of $10m to less than $50 million may also be able to write off assets to this value, rather than using the depreciation rules.
5. EOFY means specials time
At the end of the financial year (EOFY), you will often find lots of specials on computers as companies attempt to offload their stock.
This might include deep discounts on desktops, extra features or products for a small additional cost, or bundled offers while stocks last.
So with some good deals on the horizon and the potential for much better performance, now is a great time to consider buying new computers for your business.
Darryl McAllister is managing director at Netcare. Visit


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