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Powerful companion for business

By Jennifer Vella

SHOULD you make the switch to iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus for your Business?

iPhone’s have been around since 2007, and growing each year, with over 150 million units sold last year alone.

They have remained consistent with their products and platform with the idea of creating a seamless customer experience.

If you have an iPhone 6s or earlier, or using an Android or Windows, use this information to help you understand if moving to the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus will help your business grow and be more productive.

Let’s start with the number one complaint about most smart phones: battery life. Unable to go through a standard business and make it to dinner, without the battery dying?

Emails, calls, social media and the habit of turning on the screen to check the time all mean that most business people can’t afford to be without their smart phone.

The iPhone 7 has an embedded A10 Fusion Clip, which gives it the longest battery life ever in an iPhone. Up to two hours more per charge, compared to iPhone 6s and double the battery life of iPhone 5.

You may have read the iPhone 7 is water-resistant. What does that mean to your business?

It means that you can spend more time doing your business, from the ability to be at a job site in the rain, working by the pool, or just not having to worry about spills or splashes.

3D Touch is an under used and rarely talked about feature. Now there is a simple but powerful new dimension to multi-touch tool to allow your business to get more done in less time with ISO10. 3D Touch recognises how deeply you press the display.

For example, when pressing deeply on calendar you see what is coming up next in your calendar in a new widget form. This enables you to quickly see what is planned for the rest of the day without actually having to open the calendar application.

If your business had developed a customer or internal application, 3D Touch can also be integrated to make the application for ease of use and efficiency.

More widgets have also been added to your today view, which is just a swipe away from the home screen.

This can be customised, so with the same ease and swiftness, you can access what is important to you; like mail, calendar, weather, stocks, reminders, maps, and other applications.

More and more businesses need use the camera for work, especially tradies. An entirely new camera enters the picture. Not only is it better quality with 12MP, the major benefit is the Optical Image Stabilization – for those with shaky hands, or just wanting to take photos quickly, you no longer have to worry about the blur.

The audio has also been updated. This has been very controversial as Apple have removed the headset port. There are pros and cons to this.

It would be very frustrating to many people who use headsets regularly, for both personal and business.

To combat this Apple have included an adapter in the box, so your standard headset is plugged into the same port.

If you want to use the headset and charge the iPhone at the same time, you will need to sit tight.

Apple has designed AirPods that pair not only to your iPhone, but any device with your Apple ID such as your MAC or iPad.

This means you join a webex on your MAC or take a call on your phone seamlessly. This is also an automatic process so you will not need to waste time in Bluetooth settings.

To use such a powerful new device, get connected on Australia’s fastest mobile network, with Telstra 4GX. Use this suberb SmartPhone and Telstra’s fantastic network to help your business thrive.

Jennifer Vella is Marketing Director at Telstra Business Centre West Sydney | Nepean & Hawkesbury. Contact Jennifer at:









Michael Walls
0407 783 413

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