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Round Table
One of the leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation services in NSW has launched an urgent appeal for funding, leading up to the end of the financial year.
Tax deductible donations form a vital support for Odyssey House NSW and contribute to transforming the lives of those affected by drug and alcohol dependence.
Odyssey House NSW acting CEO David Kelly says substance dependence is a serious condition which people often need professional support to overcome. Without support, individuals and families find it far more difficult to break the generational cycle of addiction. 
“Our services are designed to provide a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment for individuals and families impacted by drug and alcohol use,” Mr Kelly said.
In the 12 months to June 2022, 40 percent of Odyssey House NSW clients from all programs needed support to manage a dependence on alcohol. Almost half (45%) of clients in Odyssey’s residential rehabilitation programs reported a dependence on methamphetamines.
“We know that supporting clients to withdraw from alcohol or drugs can be the simple part,” Mr Kelly said. “The harder part of a person’s recovery journey is working through the underlying factors that make people turn to alcohol or drugs to cope.
“Our case workers work with our clients to address the underlying factors – such as co-existing illnesses and mental health concerns, traumas, and stresses in their lives.”
Mr Kelly said funds received from the appeal would support Odyssey to hire more case workers across its residential rehabilitation and community programs. Case workers work closely with clients to develop personalised treatment plans that meet each client’s needs and goals.
“Without our case workers, there is no Odyssey. They are the heart and soul of what we do. They help reconnect individuals to lead the positive lives they desire, and reconnect families and communities.
“Please use the opportunity of the end of the financial year to donate to Odyssey. However large or small, you’re helping us to make long-lasting changes in people’s lives.”
Donate by 30 June to Odyssey House NSW via https://give.odysseyhouse.com.au/tax23
About Odyssey House NSW
Since 1977, Odyssey House NSW has developed extensive trauma informed rehabilitation programs to provide education and support for those wishing to address the physical, mental, social, and economic harms related to their substance use. 
The organisation's team of professional staff help clients identify and address the underlying causes of their substance use — such as trauma, domestic violence and mental health issues — to improve their wellbeing, parenting skills, family relationships, social connections, numeracy, literacy and employment prospects.
Odyssey House NSW’s programs include withdrawal services; one-on-one assessment and treatment by psychologists and counsellors; group therapy; residential rehabilitation; and free education at Odyssey College.
Odyssey has developed 19 holistic rehabilitation programs and a network of 13 residential and community sites across Greater Sydney, the NSW Southern Highlands and Blue Mountains. 
As part of treatment, clients can be referred to receive free education at Odyssey College, which is registered with the Department of Education. The college provides structured learning in subjects from mathematics to art and vocational training to help clients embrace opportunities for lasting change in their lives.
People seeking support to recover from alcohol or drug dependence can refer themselves or others to Odyssey House NSW by calling 1800 397 739 (select option 2) or email referral@odysseyhouse.com.au 


The Hills Round Table in action. Featured
Key priorities to compete in the region
IN May, 15 influential people attended the 2019 Sydney Hills Round Table to discuss strategies to markert the region. Following is an edited treanscriopt of the session held at The Pioneer Theatre at Castle Hill.


The EXPORT round table in action at KPMG Parramatta. Featured

What the experts think
WHAT happens when 12 people from varying professional backgrounds sit around a board table to discuss EXPORTING? 


Vanessa Ferreira and David Pring. Featured

Exploring growth - unlocking value
FOLLOWING is an edited transcript of the recent Access News Australia Round Table on the subject of The 9 Levers of Growth with KPMG.


Liverpool Round Table. Featured
Transformation and opportunities 
FOLLOWING is an edited transcript of the recent Access News Australia Round Table hosted by Liuverpool City Council on the subject: Liverpool: A Global City.


05 January 2017


Guiding growing businesses

Anthony Moss (session chaiman):  Good morning everybody – ladies and gentlemen. Thank you to Michael Walls, Publisher of Access News Australia for organising today’s event.  Thank you to David Pring and KPMG for being our sponsor for the event, and also thank you to David for being our host of the event today, in this luxurious Sebel hotel, resort and Spa Hawkesbury which is excellent. We want to have a robust discussion today about strategy, it’s relevance to business, what’s a good strategy, what’s a bad strategy, how do businesses drive and develop new strategies, why should they bother anyway –. So, only a couple of Simple rules – which is: One, please jump in, please engage, and two, every idea is valid. Sound reasonable?  Are we ready to jump in – everybody feeling pretty cool and relaxed and happy to share their ideas and their views?  David Pring, can we start with you, with an introduction if we may?


07 December 2016


Roadblocks, Opportunities and Solutions

Anthony Moss:   Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.  Welcome.  Great to have you here this morning.  A special thank you to Michael and Access News Australia for pulling together this august group of local business people, local leaders, local Council, to talk about the Sydney Hills Opportunities, Road Blocks and Solutions.  And a special thank also to our host for today.  Here we are in the lovely display rooms of Esplanade, Norwest Lake. Thank you to Jim Taggart for attending. Jim has often chaired these round table meetings and it’s great to have you as a participant in these meetings too, Jim. Ok we might start with introductions please. Shall we start with Steve?


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