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Are we passive observers or co-creators?
WE spend at least one third of our lives at work, yet for most, this is a begrudging obligation.

The Greek etymological root of the word enthusiasm means “divinely inspired.” Because many employees robotically attend work only with their body but devoid of mind and spirit, this creates a disconnection in our energy body.
As a consequence, this gives a half-hearted product or service to the consumer. How many times have you seen a salesperson and knew they were there just for their pay cheque? We instinctively feel vibration.
Albert Einstein said, "everything is energy,” yet his colleague and contemporary Professor John Wheeler took this further. He said, “There are no observers in this universe, by being in it, we all have an effect on matter and the universe.”
He called it a participatory universe. We are not controlling the universe, but rather participating and co – creating it.
The act of looking at something with presence and awareness using the faculty of the heart, mind and soul, coupled with the glue of intention and belief, will create and mirror something back for us to see.
For example, if you focus on sickness, you manifest sickness, if you focus on successful thriving businesses; you also manifest it. It appears we are the designers, builders and destroyers of this malleable reality.
The 13th century mystic poet Rumi said: “What strange beings we are, sitting in hell at the bottom of the dark, we are afraid of our own immortality.” Hell is not a place; it’s a choice we make every second of every day.
So, are we passive observers, or powerful co- creators?
Science is being forced to take a 180 degree turn and revisit the texts and scientific models it has used to measure and quantify the universe.
Scientists are dreading the mammoth task of rewriting textbooks which in many instances, are either outdated or incorrect. The Darwinian Theory has been categorically discredited, whereas Newtonian physics has served its purpose for motion, gravity, planetary measurements and alignments.
As we have progressed into the age of quantum physics, we cannot use our current scientific models and laws to make sense of our known universe.  One of these discoveries is, the space in our universe which was thought to be empty, is not empty.
The space between planets and solar systems has waves of energy, an ether or intelligent force that is yet to be understood.
Not only is it not empty, but it can be communicated with using our thoughts, feelings and emotions.
With our hearts, it allows us free will to choose to harness and use it. As in any relationship, we have the power to live in harmony or dis – ease with this force, but we must reap the fruit of our correct or incorrect decisions we make both individually and collectively.
The OMEGA image is the vibrational calibrated frequencies associated with each of the respective feelings and qualities. See the image here:
The lower the number, the lower the vibration, the lower the energy and the higher probability the organs associated to the respective feelings are susceptible to dis - ease.
Conversely, the higher the vibration, the more joy and vibrancy we emit which attracts effortless success, favour and synchronicity.
From a mind body connection, grief affects the lungs, fear affects the kidneys, anxiety affects the large intestine; contrarily, joy and love which requires forgiveness, enhances the electro - magnetism of the heart; peace and enlightenment is the crystallization of these qualities. We can now understand why in every sacred book, compassion and forgiveness are at the apex of its beliefs.
By working hard, believing and uttering low voltage affirmations to attain goals is not enough in attaining lasting joy and success.
Wisdom is simple; goals need to be humanity serving, not self-serving. If we reflect upon nature, it gives, collaborates and follows the rhythmic laws of the universe with mathematical precision and harmony.
Some of the blockages to manifesting your goals, business success and energy level at home and at work are:
•         Dishonesty, pride, anger, envy, slothfulness, grief, ignorance.
•         Toxic environments including relationships.
•         Unhealthy food and water.
•         Lack of sleep.
•         Lack of exercise.
•         Radiation exposure through phones and television.
•         Low vibration music and movies with violence, greed and porn.

The antidote to these are staying close to nature, healthier diets, laughter, friends and community, meditation, appreciating beauty and evolving as an intelligent person that is a contributor to society rather than a leech.
In Power versus Force, Dr David Hawkins writes: “In this interconnected universe, every improvement we make in our private world, improves the world at large for everyone. We all float on the collective level of consciousness of mankind, so that increment we add comes back to us.”
When we say we are not enjoying our life and work environment; could it be that we are not living wisely in this sacred marriage within our mind, body and soul environment? As business leaders, it is our job to affect and infect the environment by modelling and giving the tools to our staff and colleagues to make wiser choices.
Our strength and progress as a business is in direct proportion to our staff’s well-being. It appears we have done a full circle; the door to success opens inwards.
David Amaneddine is the CEO of AAA City Removalist and a Mind, Body, Medicine Kinesiologist.



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