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Creating your own personal reality
How many people do you know that wake up and consciously create their future?

WE have around 60,000 - 70,000 thoughts per day where around 90% of those thoughts are the same thoughts we had the day before.
So, if the same thoughts will lead us to the same choices, which in turn creates the same behaviour, and the same behaviour leads us to the same dull and repetitious experiences, then by unconscious choice, we are building, designing and reliving uninspired lives devoid of creativity and zest.
Doesn't life and our customers deserve a better version of ourselves?
Our body chemistry, physiology, neuro-circuitry, hormones and our genetic expression will undoubtedly equate to how we think, act and feel.
So, if our personality creates our personal reality, then our self-identity is held captive to what we think, how we react and how we feel.
For instance, if a negative thought enters our prefrontal cortex, the faculty of the mind and reasoning has a choice to make; will I be held captive to my emotions and respond with the primitive part of the brain the cerebellum, or will I keep my harmony and respond from the higher faculty of the mind, the prefrontal cortex with compassion.
So, the same previous response is now harnessed and contemplated to elicit a different response that can find common ground rather than a battle ground. This is what business leaders do.
Success and harmony is afforded in plenitude to people that acquire this level of consciousness and reasoning.
It's impossible to create a new personal reality under the directive of past memorized responses.
We literally must make a conscious choice to become a new version of ourselves.
When the same brain cells fire the same way, creating the same patterns every day, this is best depicted in the movie Groundhog Day, where Bill Murray relived the same day repeatedly.
The only difference is, our lives have different characters and different scenes but the same guaranteed outcomes.
The antidote to this vacuum is information and knowledge. Holidays, sport and alcohol can for a short time replicate this on a shallow level, but once the experience is over, by default, we revert to our old learned behaviours.
Every time we learn something new, it allows us to make new connections in our brain. Learning is forging new synaptic connections.
Remembering is maintaining and sustaining those new connections. So, when our businesses go through trials, we remember and emote the same passion and feelings that reminds us of why we started our companies in the first place and gives us the resolve to persevere to conquer our obstacles.
• New thoughts lead to new choices.
• New choices lead to new behaviours.
• New behaviours lead to new experiences.
• New experiences lead to new feelings and emotions.
• New feelings and emotions should lead to new thoughts.
That's called EVOLUTION; the Circle or Flower of Life; or more technically put, the Fibonacci sequence of beauty and sustained guaranteed growth.
So, does your environment control you, or does your thinking control your environment?
Genuine business leaders model dignified behaviour by opening the door inwards to better understand ourselves.
By doing this, we are better equipped to show compassion and apply wisdom to remedy situations that appear before us.
We remind people of their inherent abilities, by modelling, the best version of what they could be. Oh, it just so happens, we sell products and services.
Author Kahlil Gibran eloquently put it: "Work is love made visible."
David Amaneddine is the CEO of AAA City Removalist and a Mind, Body, Medicine Kinesiologist.



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