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SoftLabs Director Sreeni Pillamarri. SoftLabs Director Sreeni Pillamarri. Featured


Softlabs boosts capacity for automation
PARRAMATTA tech firm, Softlabs has announced the acquisition of AJS Computing Services Pty Ltd and the launch of their Australian-made automated technology that simplifies the provision of aged care services.
The merger of the two large digital technology companies, now renamed SoftLabs ANZ Pty Ltd with its headquarters in the Parramatta CBD, was carried out to enable them to enhance their broad expertise in creating technology solutions to problem areas in aged care services in Australia.
“The main purpose of acquiring AJS is so we can focus on working together on a digital technology that will transform aged care services efficiency in Australia,” SoftLabs Director Sreeni Pillamarri said.
“With this acquisition we have Barry McGhie joining us as a client service director who has more than four decades of experience in providing solutions and services to the aged care industry.
“Most aged care service providers are conducting their services manually and have been focusing on how they can improve their services to senior citizens in their care.
“The aged care sector is one of the industries that needs technology to enhance their caring services for the frail and elderly, and in fact, technology has been one of the solutions identified in the final report of the Royal Commission Inquiry on aged care.
“That is how we at SoftLabs will become their aged care technology partner providing them with a complete automated process for all types of services in aged care.
“Being their technology partner, we are able to provide the digital solutions how they can efficiently improve their services.”
For residential aged care service facilities the ERP for Aged Care is designed to streamline operations from end to end the functions of administration and management.
SoftLabs has partnered with Epicor, a leading ERP software provider for more than 40 years and one of the Top-6 ERP vendors in the world.
Epicor has more than 3,800 highly trained information technology staff that support more than 20,000 customers in over 150 countries.
In Australia and New Zealand, they have been operating since 1992 and currently have more than 600 local customers.
Epicor designers created ERP for Aged Care to integrate the systems in community health care services, residential care management, home care and finances to assist the aged care service providers extend the best quality of care for senior citizens.
“Every service they carry out is brought into one system including their database that we will centralise to make their health care assessment and reporting tasks easier,” Mr Pillamarri said.
For more information visit: https://www.softlabs.com.au/


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