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Aerotropolis: The sky’s the limit
THE world’s biggest companies are being drawn to the massive Aerotropolis complex, but what does it mean for the average Western Sydney business and resident?

Well, if you play your cards right, the sky is the limit for those who take a chance.

Western Sydney Aerotropolis is being billed as Greater Sydney’s third city centre, after the CBD and Parramatta. It is only the second time Australia will be building a fully planned city from the ground up, following in the footsteps of Canberra.

Western Sydney Airport itself will generate operational jobs and commercial, retail and business park development within the Airport site. By 2031, the Airport is expected to support almost 28,000 jobs.

The success of Western Sydney Airport will flow through to the Aerotropolis. On-Airport development will provide infrastructure and connections to enable the Aerotropolis to flourish.

However, if you are planning to be part of the modern gold rush, you need to start planning now.

Business benefits

Aerotropolis will need everything a modern city requires - and it’s all brand new.

It will not only be a place to work and relax, but thousands of hotel  rooms, new homes and apartments will be a part of the development. This means a business will benefit from day workers, tourists and permanent residents, which provides the perfect trifecta for business success.

I have drawn up a short list of just some of the services and outlets that you could consider starting:

Retail, transport, fast food, restaurants, courier services, tech support, management, finance, media, community services, child care, infrastructure, shop and office fit out, office décor, internet services, graphics and art, printing, accounting, gardening services, painting, cleaning, medical services, office and home furniture, day tours, travel agents, electrical, conventions and conferences, removalists, gyms, security and lighting .

Out of my hastily drawn up list, most of them could be provided by existing businesses in Western Sydney.
In these days of internet communications, a business no longer has to be situated in the heart of a particular city.

You could be a web page designer in Ryde, an accountant in Penrith or a media company in Rhodes and still have a strong presence in the  Aerotropolis.

Major tourism

Clubs and business centre that host conferences, business meetings and conventions can provide a shuttle service to their facility from the Aerotropolis.

Similarly, the region’s major tourism centres such as the new Sydney Zoo  and Wet n Wild, will be reached by shuttle bus for visitors staying in the Aerotropolis precinct.

Another important factor is that the airport will be operating 24 hours and day. This will require that services are available around the clock, further enhancing the role of local businesses.

With passenger demand in Sydney more than doubling in the next 20 years, the new Airport will be a critical link for tourists and visitors.

Another key point for Western Sydney business is  quicker and more convenient access to overseas markets and access to Asia overnight. The Airport will be curfew-free, operating 24 hours a day. Five million passengers will pass through when it opens in 2026.

This figure will grow to more than 80 million each year by 2056 – more than the number of passengers who pass through London’s Heathrow Airport today.

Only 50km from the Sydney  CBD, the Airport will be connected to the Aerotropolis and surrounding areas by strong transport networks.

A North South Rail Link will bring passengers between St Marys, the Aerotropolis and Western Sydney Airport.
Investor potential

There are also plans for a link south to Macarthur, and a South West Rail Link connecting Leppington to the Airport. A future rail connection will provide rapid service between the Airport, Aerotropolis and Parramatta CBD.

With a connected Airport at their core, the Aerotropolis precincts will offer a diversity of jobs across aerospace and defence industries, agribusiness, health, education, tourism and other sectors. The Western Sydney Aerotropolis represents the chance to build a city from the ground up – not just an airport.

Investors can join with the three levels of government in creating the Aerotropolis. As construction continues on this significant greenfield site, investors will be able to establish themselves in this growing market and help build this economic centre from day one.

The development of the Aerotropolis will be guided by several designated industry precincts, three of which are already in planning.

These will support the development of key industries including aerospace and defence industries, food and agribusiness, health, research and advanced manufacturing; and freight and logistics. These will be serviced by a network of public transport and road infrastructure, with convenient access to the Airport and businesses in complementary industries.



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