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Mayor Michelle Byrne and Ray Williams MP announce the funding. Mayor Michelle Byrne and Ray Williams MP announce the funding.
26 December 2013 Posted by 

Approval for road between Town Centre and residents

Anthony Stavrinos

A CRUCIAL road and transport link between new residential areas and the Rouse Hill Town Centre has been given the green light, The Hills Shire Council (THSC) has announced.

The New South Wales Government and THSC will provide more than $2 million worth of funding and assistance make the link a reality.

Hills Mayor Dr Michelle Byrne thanked the NSW Government and Hawkesbury MP Ray Williams for helping bring completion of the missing link a step closer.

“We know that the extension of this road is something that residents have been calling for and this brings us a step closer to seeing the extension of the road become a reality,” Mayor Byrne said.

Parliamentary Secretary for Transport and Roads and local member Ray Williams MP said: “This significant joint funding will enable the vital road and public transport link between the growing residential areas of Rouse Hill and Box Hill to finally be constructed.

“A feature of our Government has been providing the important funding for new roads and public transport corridors prior to residential areas being developed.”

He said this would ensure residents were not waiting years in daily gridlocked traffic for roads to be completed like they did while waiting for Windsor Road to be upgraded.

“What we now need is to reach an agreement with developers along Green Hills Drive. We need developers to contribute towards the completion of the road so we can get it done as soon as possible,” Mayor Byrne said.

“I want to thank Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian and Hawkesbury MP Ray Williams for this grant which is a real win for the people of the Sydney Hills.”

Meanwhile, work has commenced on the replacement of two old timber bridges on Pitt Town Rd, Maraylya.

Mayor Byrne joined Council’s General Manager Dave Walker, Infrastructure Projects Manager Ken Willimot, Principal Projects Co-ordinator Steve Englezos and

Project Officer David Duffield to turn the first sod late last month.

“The new bridges will be higher, reducing the risk of flooding and are a safer option to the old timber bridges we currently have along Pitt Town Rd,” Mayor Byrne said.

“Council teams will work as fast as they can to get these bridges replaced.”

Asbestos works

In other work being carried out by Hills Shire Council, work has been held up on its footpath program after Telstra admitted that telecommunication pits located on many streets around Australia may contain asbestos.

Council’s general manager Dave Walker said Council’s footpath program is on hold, with Telstra providing a limited response as to when they will alleviate the issue.

Recently constructed footpaths contain gaps in between the footpath and the lid of the Telstra pit.

Mr Walker said he’ll consider covering Telstra pits with bitumen if a delay to the rollout of the footpath program continues to drag on adding that it was a frustrating situation that was delaying more than $1 million worth of infrastructure.

“We want to be able to fulfil our delivery program, but we’re in a position where we are being held up by Telstra, who are not giving us an answer as to when we can re-start building footpaths,” Mr Walker said.

“While it’s important to manage asbestos in a safe manner, the limited response we’re getting from Telstra doesn’t help and we have no idea when we can get moving on a large component of our four-year plan.”

“Council’s work should not be held up because another organisation can’t get its act together.”

He said that whilst Telstra had finally made some commitment regarding construction of footpaths, activity is yet to occur.”

In other asbestos-related news relating to THSC, Mayor Byrne has welcomed news that the asbestos levy will be partially scrapped in a 12-month trial, but says it should go further if the NSW Government wants to eradicate the scourge of illegal asbestos dumping.

Mayor Byrne said she was in the process of crunching the numbers to present a business case to NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell, which would call for the asbestos levy to be completely scrapped for home renovators.

But Mayor Byrne said restricting the trial to 10 Local Government areas was too narrow, as asbestos was a state-wide environment and health issue.

“Asbestos dumping has become a huge issue for us here in the Sydney Hills,” Mayor Byrne said.

“We’ve had two recent incidents where more than 8 tonnes of asbestos were illegally dumped in Maroota which is in our rural north.

“This was not only a huge health and safety risk but also a huge financial burden on residents and ratepayers.”

Mayor Byrne said that even if The Hills Shire Council is included in the trial, it may not stop asbestos dumping in the area.


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