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Some tips to follow when indulging
OFTEN, I see people who have weight loss and training goals undo their hard work or minimise their results by consuming too much alcohol.
With summer and the silly season almost behind us, I thought it might be a good opportunity to convey my thoughts on how you can manage your alcohol consumption and still reach your health and fitness goals. 
Although I would never really recommend anyone drinking alcohol, many of you are like myself and do enjoy a social drink every now and then. Below are some tips you should follow or keep in mind when you are out enjoying a drink.
1. Calories add up! If you have been reading my articles, you would know by now that consuming too many calories is the main factor which will decide whether you lose body fat or not. If you are planning to go drinking on a night out and your goal is to lose or maintain weight it can be very deceiving the amount of drinks you can have before you've stacked on a whole lot of empty calories. Aim to not go over four or so standard drinks or at the very least choose drinks which are lower calorie options. 
2. Make sure you eat! If you are going out on a night drinking, make sure you eat a healthy meal and try to fill up a little bit. Not only do all the calories that you drink add up quickly, but the calories from the late-night Kebab or Takeaway joint can really compound on this. You may have been eating and training well all week but then consuming over 4000 calories in a single night is going to undo all of that good work you have put in. Aim to plan ahead and try have lower calorie snacks as your go to. 
3. The lazy next day! If you have a big night out and are feeling a little sorry for yourself the following day, it can be easy to sloth about on the lounge and graze on too many foods that you probably shouldn’t. My advice is to get up and get moving as soon as possible. Drink plenty of water, have a healthy breakfast and get some light exercise in. You definitely do not need to go smash yourself in the gym. But get out and go for a walk and get your day started. After overconsuming the night before, the last thing you need is another high calorie day with little to no movement. 
4. Don't eat less during the day. With the idea of saving your calories for alcohol!! You will feel far worse off. Instead try and eat a well-balanced diet on the day you are planning on drinking. Make sure you include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and get in a good amount of protein.
5. Like anything moderation is the key. It is important to enjoy yourself and have a good time with family and friends.
If you enjoy a drink, go for it, but try not to go overboard. If you have too many it is not the end of the world, just get your health back on track the following day and minimise the damage. 
Adam Simpson is lead trainer and founder at Repetitions Group fitness and Personal Training. Visit: www.repetitionspt.com.au


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