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Fresh appopach to traditional industry
THE chauffeuring industry is set to become big business in Australia with a fresh new approach to one of the most coveted symbols of success.

It might not meet the expectations of a $1B plus industry in the USA, dramatically up from $3.2m in 2009, but it is still a healthy industry with loads of potential.

The sudden influx of demand for driver services and high-end luxury is not purely based on the need to commute daily.

The industry is the perfect illustration of the way in which efficiency sells, especially in this business sector.

Industries that simplify daily operations for companies are doing well in 2020 and the chauffeur industry certainly fits the bill.

It simplifies daily operations for such a vast number of corporations, that it is becoming a multi-billion-dollar industry on its own.

And the good news is It’s more affordable than ever. As the demand for the service has increased, so has the way in which chauffeuring is offered.

As more chauffeur and limousine businesses recognise the value of corporate clients, they’re developing packages which reduce the overall transportation costs when compared to having an in-house fleet.

For example, there are no more hassles with parking meters or finding a spot. When you quantify the value of each business hour, business owners also understand the need for efficiency and timesaving.

Chauffeured transportation requires no parking, no hassles with collections and no administration. This ensures corporate staff can spend more time on revenue-generating services.

Chauffeur corporate packages are designed around a company’s average monthly travel requirements, enabling the company to work according to a set monthly budget.

And it also means less paperwork including roadworthy administration for vehicles, license administration for drivers, traffic violations, parking costs more people on the payroll and the associated HR which must include sick leave and other administrative hassles.

These are a few examples of time-consuming tasks that consume company resources, preventing corporations from narrowing their focus on to revenue-generating tasks and new milestones for the business. They’re hidden costs, essentially.

And you can work while you are sitting in a luxury car being driven about.

Corporations have noted a major change in productivity and a drop in monthly overheads when they switch to an external driving services provider.

A professional chauffeur service also creates an exceptional standard of service for B2B clients and it demonstrates that you are doing well and are a company others want to deal with regularly.

In 2020, business owners are increasingly aware of the importance of brand awareness and the way in which the public views a business.

Sales and Revenue

This view directly influences incoming sales and revenue. Those who make use of a private chauffeur stand in better stead to look successful and professional.

Corporations who make use of these services on behalf of their clients place their reputation on the line each time they outsource this service. They have discovered that an excellent service provider will improve the company’s overall rating thanks to a positive experience.

This comes as part of the package and it’s often easier for businesses to create a positive impression by outsourcing this service.

“But we can get Uber. Why do we need a chauffeur?” is a common question.

Chauffeured vehicle rental companies have not suffered damages, according to 51% who were polled, with the emergence of new businesses like Uber.

This is because they target a difference within the transport industry - straightforward commutes. Hired vehicles also absorb many of the insurance overheads, reducing expenditure for business owners, once again.

According to the Global Business Travel Association, there are almost 500 million trips projected to be taken in the next year that could require limousine or chauffeur transportation.

Western Sydney has its own service in Revel Drive, a luxury, environmentally, sustainable chauffeur service, operating fleet of zero-emission vehicles.

The team at Revel Drive is leading the way in the shift to sustainable transport in the region, particularly in the corporate, hospitality and tourism sectors.

Whether for business or pleasure day or night, they thrive on providing an outstanding experience.

You can experience the highest level of customer satisfaction, online booking, exceptional drivers and vehicles that exude style and comfort.


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