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Has capitalism ravaged our planet?
WHAT if I you had to play a game of Monopoly with no option to refuse; a game your ancestors, family, friends and most humanity were also unwittingly playing for countless generations.

What if I told you there were strict rules written in a manner that only a select few would understand and if you wanted to contest a decision, it would cost you a lot of money.
Furthermore, there is ruthless competition and only an allotted amount of money given to you to start the game. Your success or failure is dependent upon the rolling of a dice.
You are allowed a relatively controlled framework of democracy to negotiate, buy and sell and the ulterior motive of the game is to buy, build and charge as much rent as possible.
The more you accumulate, the less your competition must live on is what adjudicates your success or failure. And what if I also told you that the winner must bankrupt all players or at the very least leave them living in abject poverty.
As long as the utilities and taxes are paid to the establishment, there is no concern for the populace to have enough to subsist on with dignity.
Connected to establishment
Now what if I told you that the aforementioned rules were not the same for the creators of this game or for those connected to the establishment.
These alliances are afforded protection through governments, corporations, certain religious orders, unlimited money printed for their disposal, mainstream media, social media, propaganda, stars and entertainers who lead the masses into the abattoir of ignorance.
History attests that every time the public wake up, a war is waged on the blood of innocent civilians who stupidly fight for religion or nationalism.
For those who were brought up on the word, irrespective of race, religion or denomination, we were instructed to adhere to the empirical laws of the universe that valued human dignity and equity. 
Capitalism, which is modern day communism has waged an assault on wholistic business and the family unit. The sole aim of wholistic business is to grow in a manner which is natural, sustainable and in harmony with the laws of creation, laws of nature and the laws of the family unit.
The world is akin to a cancer that is eating the host: the human body. Humans are made up of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen, when we pollute the planet, in essence we are polluting ourselves.
Ruled by instincts
When we are polluted, diseased (dis - ease), we become anxious, agitated, apprehensive, defensive and reduce ourselves from beings made in the image of God to that of an animal ruled by animal instincts.
Our tainted intelligence and passivity has allowed us to praise those who have accumulated the most, as opposed to those who have tirelessly given to the betterment of mankind. Our modern-day stars are a testimony to humanities choice of heroes.
When I ask people who their heroes are, I can map out their internal success or failure and harmony or disharmony of that person's present and future.
Most of our collective leaders; be it world or business leaders are a representation of our short-sighted greed and folly.
We have chosen leaders based on foolish promises and on how they can better ourselves individually rather than the collective benefit to humanity globally. Our families, businesses and leaders are a holographic mirror of the choices we have made.
How deluded are we to assume third world nations do not want the same standards of living, the same rights, security and opportunities for themselves and their families just like us in the west.
We have closed our hearts to others on the provision that as long as we’re okay, then all is fine. This is referred to as complicit passive ignorance and the supporting ideology we have gullibly swallowed is they are terrorists, second grade citizens or deserve what they are going through.
Capitalism, with the help of its appointed leaders and monopolies has ravaged our planet and one of the ways they have done this is through the stock market.
Shareholders have been allowed to participate in capitalism, usually mum and dad investors who demand more return on their pittance; so, the publicly listed companies adopt better systems and technologies, retrench workers to earn a few miserly dollars more for their short-sighted investors.
Our strength and harmony is solidified by our collective strength not individual greed. The world we live in is a world that has been socially engineered to fragment unity into individuality.
Individuals are easier to control as opposed to family units that have a hierarchy of wise elders who have traversed the trials and tribulations of life.
Why are we participating in a rigged system that has not only imprisoned us, but dispersed our children, our morals, destroyed our humanity and left us with a planet beckoning for sanity, harmony and unity?
You are on the roof of a building and there is fire and smoke making its way up to the top floor, if you yell out FIRE, are you a conspiracy theorist or are you SENSIBLE?
Let’s wake up from our hypnotic trance and make a stand for humanity. To succeed in business, we must first address equity for humans and reinstate the family structure.
Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.
When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money.
- Cree Prophecy

David Amaneddine is the CEO of AAA City Removalist and a Mind, Body, Medicine Kinesiologist.



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