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Investor Anthony Attard wears many hats. Investor Anthony Attard wears many hats. Featured


Anthony’s brainstorming pays off
ANTHONY Attard wears many hats including business owner and celebrity manager. Now he can add inventor to the list.
In a brainstorming moment, Anthony designed and patented the first adjustable plant attachment on the market, revolutionising the construction industry.
Aptly named the Adjustabucket, users are able to adjust the ears, pins and pin spacings to fit attachments to any size and make of earthmoving and excavation machine.
“There are companies out there with more than one machine and they have many different attachments depending on the job. The Adjustabucket means one attachment will suit all of those machines,” Mr Attard said.
“It reduces the number of attachments an operator needs so it’s cost effective.”
After making the move from Blacktown to acreage in Sydney’s north west, Mr Attard found he was unable to purchase a grab attachment for his excavator to help clear the property.
“I didn’t know anything about excavators and everywhere I rang no one was able to help me. One person after the next said my machine was no good or I had to purchase their brand of machine to be able to fit the attachment I wanted,” Mr Attard said.
“So I went into my shed and made one myself.”
A self-confessed handy man and former tradie, Mr Attard designed a system with adjustable ears that would make any attachment – like sieves, grabs, rippers and buckets - compatible with any machine.
“It wasn’t hard at all because I knew what I needed. When it worked I thought this could help so many other people out there in the same position I was in,” he said.
So Mr Attard set about making the Adjustabucket on a grander scale with the help of Western Sydney based patent attorney Andre Meyer of Myer West IP.
Two years ago, Mr Attard filled his first order of 10 Adjustabucket attachments worth US$20,000. Today, his sales have skyrocketed to about US$180,000 each month. “The horse just bolted as soon as I put it out there,” he said.
The “tipping point”, Mr Attard said, was a trip to China on the advice of a neighbour.
“I wanted to turn the holiday into a business trip and look at importing something but couldn’t find anything that suited me,” he said.
“When I got back home I realised I had the Adjustabucket in the shed so I started researching where to get it manufactured.
“I made some errors at the start. I’m fastidious and I wasn’t happy with the quality of the first lot so I found another company. The quality is amazing.
“I would love nothing more than to be able to make the Adjustabucket in Australia but the red tape and costs makes it too hard.”
Mr Attard said domestic users make up the bulk of his sales but word of the Adjustabucket has reached the commercial market and its popularity is growing amongst the forestry and mining industries as well as hire companies.
“I love what I do, I love listening to people and hearing their needs,” Mr Attard said. “This is exciting but mostly I’m just very grateful.”
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