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History of delivering light rail projects
MAJOR construction on the Parramatta Light Rail will begin in 2019 after two major contracts were awarded to build and operate Stage 1 of the project that will connect Westmead to Carlingford via Parramatta CBD and Camellia.

The final budget for the project is $2.4B, which includes the two major contracts, early and enabling works, road network upgrades, new bridges and active transport links, urban design, changes to the bus network and project costs from 2015-2023.
The $840M major contract to build the light rail system has been awarded to Downer and CPB Contractors in a joint venture, while the $536M contract to supply and operate the network and build the depot, light rail stops and power systems has been awarded to the Great River City Light Rail consortium.
The successful consortia have a demonstrated history of delivering successful light rail projects around Australia.
Between them, these teams have delivered the Newcastle, Canberra and Gold Coast Stage 2 light rail networks.
The Great River City Light Rail consortium includes Transdev, the operator of Sydney’s Inner West Light Rail, and CAF Rail Australia, which supplies vehicles for the Inner West and Newcastle light rail networks.
The consortiums will also be bringing new business to Parramatta – for example, Great River City Light Rail will operate from its future base in Camellia, with a permanent workforce that provides opportunities for local jobs.
Wire free design
The Parramatta Light Rail network will have ‘wire free’ design for around four kilometres of the 12-kilometre track between Westmead and Cumberland Hospital, and between Prince Alfred Square and Tramway Avenue.
After feedback from the local business community, the NSW Government previously made clear that main construction works on Eat Street will not begin until 2020.
The NSW Government also confirmed that a construction grace period will apply on Eat Street each summer, from the beginning of November until the end of January.
Built into the contracts are requirements for construction teams to work around evenings and other busy times, a commitment to employ local workers and penalties if works are significantly delayed.
The Parramatta Light Rail will begin operations in 2023, offering a “turn up and go” service that runs every 7.5 minutes during peak periods.
The 45-metre vehicles will be fully accessible and can carry up to 300 passengers each.
Remediation works began in October at the site of the future light rail Stabling and Maintenance facility at Camellia, and roadworks to prepare the Parramatta CBD and North Parramatta by redirecting traffic flow are underway.
Transport for NSW has signed agreements with the City of Parramatta, other government agencies and the major utility providers, which define responsibilities and working arrangements during construction and operations.
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