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Inspiring story of Saigon Summer
SAIGON Summer is a heartwarming story husband and wife team, Alan Suy and Truc Nguyen, who started a food business from the ground up.
The couple, who lived in the inner west suburb of Summer Hill always wanted to showcase the rich heritage and culture of Vietnam to the local community by providing simple and affordable street food. 
They named their business Saigon Summer, a tale of two cities they adored - the former capital of Vietnam, Saigon, and the village-like town where they lived, Summer Hill.
Saigon Summer has entered the 2023 Inner West Local Business Awards.
Despite coming from humble beginnings, Alan and Truc had a big dream and the determination to make it happen. They raised funds from relatives and opened their first store in Summer Hill. 
The couple's passion for food, culture, and their desire to give back to the community are evident in their business model.
They make all their food fresh daily in-store, and their business was boosted by the strong community support they received.
Over time, Alan and Truc's hard work and dedication paid off. They expanded their business to eight stores around Sydney and they are looking to expand further across Australia in the coming years.
But life threw a curveball at the couple when their daughter Maddie was diagnosed with terminal cancer two years ago. Instead of giving up, the couple's determination to continue their business was even stronger, as they saw it as a legacy for their daughter.
The couple's innovative franchising model also played a big role in the success of Saigon Summer. Their model focused on helping franchisees grow their businesses and provided them with support and guidance along the way. 
This approach made Saigon Summer a true example of what can be achieved with hard work, determination and a positive attitude. 
These days, Alan and Truc have taken a step back to focus on their health and well-being, but they continue to help other businesses grow and offer support to their franchise partners as well as other small businesses. 
The couple is also actively involved in supporting the community and raising awareness for brain cancer.
In conclusion, Saigon Summer is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and a supportive community. 
Alan and Truc's journey has been nothing short of amazing, and their passion for food and culture, along with their key objective of giving back, will always be an inspiration to others.


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