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Marise Payne Minister of Foreign Affairs and Women was a guest speak at last year's WSABE> Marise Payne Minister of Foreign Affairs and Women was a guest speak at last year's WSABE> Featured


I've learnt why WSABE is so important
WSABE as its affectionately known, is the flagship event founded by the Parramatta Chamber of Commerce in 1990. It is the prestigious platform that prides itself on its credibility and ability to share success stories across the region.
But over the past few years, more than ever, I have learnt that WSABE is so much more! 
The awards platform showcases the perfect blend of strong sponsor relationships that firstly bring the program to life. Then those same sponsors and partners enable the planning that is required to run the program and eventually bring the experience to fruition with the crowning celebration. 
The buildup is the journey, and the burst of pride is the gala. 
But when you dig a little deeper, you ask what is behind all that? And where does it come from? The answer is Western Sydney. 
It comes from grunt and hussle, it comes from hard work, sweat and tears. It comes from recognising opportunities and having the courage to go for it, even if the capital runs short of the vision. 
Last year WSABE taught me more about the true significance of WSABE and what it represents in these challenging times.
When you have a flagship event, you can’t just sit back, there is no choice but to lead from the front. 
And that’s what we did. In 2020, in the face of unprecedented challenges of epic global proportions, WSABE 2020 delivered a unique hybrid covid-safe event in line with government restrictions. 
Pivoting to the point that the impossible became possible with separate rooms and facilities video streamed for the best sit-down gala experience Greater Sydney had to offer.
"We took a collaborative approach"
Not only did WSABE 2020 take a collaborative approach expanding its geographical region but rather it gave businesses in those areas a sense of belonging and recognition. 
In the year WSABE turned 30, it turned out that we metaphorically became true finalists in our own awards program. We felt a sense of responsibility to lead by example and remain positive and determined to do all that could be done to avoid celebrating WSABE via zoom!
WSABE 2021 is proud to stand by the Greater Western Sydney business community and once again deliver a program that offers a voice to the many businesses, professionals and leaders throughout the region and more than ever, showcase their extraordinary resilience, innovation and drive.
WSABE 2021 gala evening will be held on Wednesday, November 24, 2021 at the beautiful Rosehill Gardens. Come along as we lift the mood with an uplifting celebration of business success in Greater Western Sydney.
Book a table with your family, partners, colleagues and clients for a spectacular night out. Sit back and enjoy the entertainment and networking with exceptional hospitality and a three-course dinner as we cheer on excellence in Western Sydney.
Parramatta Chamber of Commerce will once again put a face to the name (WSABE) and celebrate with a theme of BACK in BLACK with a Touch of Gold - celebrating Hope and Resilience.  
Luke Magee is President of the Parramatta Chamber of Commerce.


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