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By Richard Fletcher
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Hsealth at University of Newcastle

SOCIAL issues involving young children and warring interest groups make good media fodder.


By Joan Stone
Director Cubbyhouse Childcare Australia

REGULAR mums and dads are participant observers, meaning that, while they are watching their child’s behaviour, they are very much part of the mix.


By Deborah Trevallion
Lecturer in the School of Education at University of Newcastle

AUSTRALIA finally has its first digital technology curriculum which is mandatory for all Australian children from Foundation, the name replacing kindergarten, to Year 8.


By Andrew Whitehouse
Winthrop Professor,
Telethon Institute for Child Health Research
at University of Western Australia

LAWYERS have conniptions whenever they hear it, Parliamentarians routinely avoid using it, and all over the world, people have arguments about who should say it first.


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